As Kont Aluminum we manufacture and supply aluminum, aluminum packings, aluminum cans, aerosol cans, aluminum aerosols, aluminum aerosol cans, monoblock aerosol cans, aerosols, monoblok aluminum aerosol cans, monoblok aluminum can, monoblock cans, monoblock aluminums, round aerosol cans, cans, flat aerosol cans, rimmed aerosol cans, transfer aerosol cans, flat b shape aerosol cans, aluminums, aluminum packing, aluminum can, aerosol can, aluminum aerosol, aluminum aerosol can, monoblock aerosol can, aerosol, monoblok aluminum aerosol can, monoblok aluminum can, monoblock can, monoblock aluminum, round aerosol can, can, flat aerosol can, rimmed aerosol can, transfer aerosol can, flat b shape aerosol can... Kont Alüminyum Ambalaj ve Kimya San .Ltd. Company was founded in the year 2012 located in an area of 22 000 sq.m lands with production and administration buildings occupying 15, 250 sqm. The space outside the buildings is designed and landscaped with an environmentally friendly approach .The company aims at producing aluminum Aerosol cans at the highest standard technology and Eco friendly approaches . Owing to our filling facilities system, we are considered the first integrated firm in this sector in Turkey. Our facility started production in July 2013 by adopting the principle of using high standard quality production and continues improvements and services to our customers with the aimed capacity of 35 million per year.

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Velimeşe Org. San. Böl. Mah., 233 Sk., No: 40/1 Ergene, Tekirdağ, Turkey
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+90 282 674 55 55